Tuesday 4 September 2012

Open day and Graduation Time

                                                    METU MAARIFRE CENTER
The occasion that has attracted over 150 people was first of its kind in the whole of the sub-county. This is an occasion where students who have completed three mouths training course on (ICDL) computer training programme have been commissioned.
The graduates listening to the speeches 
Graduates for Lunch
This training has attracted among other the farmers, secondary teachers, primary school head teachers, and ordinary level school students and option leader of different callous in different villages include Pageribe, Pameri ,Pamoi Patabo Padiga and many others.
Speech by Field officer
This colorful occasion was attended by many distinguish in the district include members of parliament west Moyo constituency HON. Tom Aza Aleru; the vice chairperson LC 5 Moyo District Local Government environmental Alert the host organization among others.

Team/group photograph
Many invited guests pledge support for the center especially for extension of the computer rooms.
The graduates who were filled with joy and happiness on receiving their certificates thanked the organization of (ALIN) Arid Lands Information Network for bringing such services near to the rural community (people) for improving their livelihood through access to information from internet services and getting computer training among others.

Entertainment/ Interludes
Meal of the day

Sunday 26 August 2012

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Local government benefits from Metu Maarifa

Metu sub county host the maarifa centre in their office compound, this proximity has benefited the sub county staff; they have free access to internet and computer use. Most of the staff have benefited from free computer training, while the sub county extension officer and National Agricultural advisory officer works closely with ALIN staff in filling Agricultural information needs of the community.  

The chairman local council III Metu sub-county surfing computer.
 My name is Ogoro Peter Anyanzo, I doubles as the LC III chairperson of Metu Sub County and frequent user of this facility (Metu maarifa centre resources). “The centre has made me cut costs, I don’t buy newspapers anymore, and it has lessened by paper work because of internet connection. On behalf of the sub county I must applaud the work of Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN) in Metu Sub County and Moyo district as whole”.
The chairman, also a member of Metu Maarifa advisory committee further commented on the benefits of accessing the knowledge centre.

Some trainees attending classes at Metu Maarifa Centre.
“If all can come and learn to access information through internet, reading materials like the publications available and other services offered at the knowledge centre, then, people may have a changed behaviour and attitude from drug abuse, smoking weeds and many others. The way of doing things in my sub county and the district at large will completely be changed. And I encouraged all the community members in Metu Sub County and Moyo district to come and share their experience and learnt more at the information point known as Metu Maarifa Center Hon. Ogoro added.     


African woman is looked at as the child bearer and entirely child rearing at home rests on her.
Daily, the African woman wakes up as early as 5:00am to make ends meet.
A woman carries ground nuts atop her head and a baby strapped on her back in Adjumani district and the residents believe it’s easy to carry items on their heads rather than by hand or in a backpack according to these photos taken on July. 15, 2012. People prefer this way so that they could use their hands to maneuver difficult terrains and also do other errands with their hands. (Mama Bunia Susan said)

Women in Patabo village carrying their kids at their back & some food with them
Work, work, and work from dawn to sun set to meet the demands of the daily bread.
The African woman takes a lead in the field activities like harrowing, weeding, harvesting and storing all rests on her, yet the men take ownership of the properties at the end.
The burden of an African woman, toiling with her child at the back; going all round looking for wild vegetables collecting firewood after every field work and any other days.
African woman serves the husband with water for bathing and other serves he demands from her yet men only rests after the field work. 

Mama Bunia Susan carrying a child of her son.
At her age, she is burdened with grand children whose mothers and father’s might have been taken up by alcohol. Or sometimes left orphans because of the HIV/AIDS which is the epidemic diseases now as known world-wide.
Sometime, the African woman is involved in harvesting wild white ants from a distance she said.
The burden of African woman, at the end of it all, she may end up been buried at her father’s home because of cultural practices such as bride wealth, dowry or lack of child bearing to mention but a few.

A man & some women busy in their garden field digging. 
She takes active roles in collecting grass and fetching water for the construction of the hut; and yet the man claims he is the pillar of the house.
The burden of African woman.

Saturday 30 June 2012


Mr. Cherubin Oduti, farmer and Entrepreneur

              Mr. Cherubin in his shop
Mr Cherubin Oduti is farmer in Metu Sub County; he was one of the first beneficiaries of Metu Maarifa free computer training. According to him; he was able to get a lot of useful information from the internet and this has greatly impacted on his life. “Through the publications I have learnt new methods of using land” he further said, with the new farming technics I learnt, my Agricultural production has improved. Mr. Cherubin also deals in farm inputs and runs a small eating place at Metu trading center.

Thursday 5 April 2012


My name is Hwedri Michael, I leave in Patabo village Ayiro parish in Metu sub-county  and I am 63 years old and  only oldest person visiting this community knowledge centre , I am Ex-police officer and now works with Metu savings and cooperative credit society and also chairperson Metu Maarifa Centre to Advisory Committee and:-
I am enrolled in ICDL computer training.
 I like visiting the maarifa centre  because  i am the Chairperson Advisory Board Metu Maarifa Centre and utilize the computer games. I also  benefit in playing this game in terms of  building my reasoning capacity in thinking widely to support the smooth running of the centre.

I am utilizing the use of computer "Mzee Hwedri said" thanks to ALIN 
It also assists me in speed typing as I am enrolled in this programme of ICDL in Metu sub-county and I pick much interest in learning computer says Hwedri.  

Interviewed by: Jurugo Simon Drikota
The Field officer- Metu Maarifa Centre